ICSA Member Update

September 2010, Vol. 1, No. 5
News on the activities of ICSA members (in no particular order).  

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More than 120 people attended ICSA’s September 18-19 conference in Rome, entitled “Cultic Groups in Society: Prevention, Information, and Assistance.” 

Forty-five speakers discussed a range of topics, including assisting ex-members and families, the special needs of second generation adults (SGAs), trance and cults, legal issues, and how various European countries are responding to the cult phenomenon. 

Roberto Asquini, an Italian legislator, reported on a novel legislative proposal that focuses on funding for assistance and preventive education, rather than on restrictive laws. ICSA’s collaborators for this conference included:  Info-Cult/Info-Secte,  Osservatorio Nazionale Abusi Psicologici (ONAP), Sette Religioni e Spiritualit√† (SRS), and SOS- Abusi Psicologici. The 88-page conference handbook containing abstracts and biographical sketches can be found here: