A Presbyterian Church committee has warned people to be careful about the term "faith healing" and also about certain other methods of dealing with illness.

In a report to next week's General Assembly, the Divine Healing Committee presents a survey on alternative medicines and therapies, including reflexology, reiki, acupuncture, yoga and transcendental meditation, aromatherapy and homeopathy.

It states: "There is clearly a search for a deeper spiritual reality going on in society. However, we need to be clear that not all spirituality is good."

The report cautions people to be careful about terms such as "faith healing." It asks "In whom or what do we place our faith? For the Christian, it is in Christ and Him alone.

"So, depth of faith is not as important as whom that faith is in - Jesus.

"This is in direct contrast with the current popular view that it doesn't matter what your faith is in, just as long as you have faith."

The report asks whether the pursuit of good health has become "a god".

"If health is the single most important thing to us, then we may be free to use whatever therapies we wish, irrespective of their consequences whether spiritual or physical. Are we willing to accept healing at any cost?"


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Note: Read an extract from the Report

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