"Mind Control" in New Religious Movements and the APA

Article by Alberto Amitrani & Raffaella Di Marzio

Published in Cults & Society : An Internet Journal, Vol 1, No.1, 2001 and in Cultic Studies Journal: Psychological Manipulation and Society, AFF,Volume 17, 2000, p.101-121

During the past 10 years some scholars have claimed that the American Psychological Association (APA) formally rejected the notion of brainwashing as unscientific because APA rejected the report of a committee headed by noted cult critic, Dr. Margaret Singer.

In an attempt to investigate the accuracy of these claims the authors embarked upon a long and difficult search for the documents on which this seemingly significant claim is based.

They concluded that a careful reading of the relevant documents indicates that APA has not rejected the notion of brainwashing and that, as Dr. Benjamin Zablocki notes, “like so many others theories in the behavioral sciences, the jury is still out on this one.”

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