Mediating to settle conflicts in cultic groups (Abstract Conference 2011)


ICSA Annual International Conference


Psychological Manipulation, Cultic Groups,

Social Dependencies, and Harm

Barcelona, Spain
July 7-9, 2011

Applying Conflict Resolution and Mediation to Cultic and Related Problems

Session 1

What is Conflict Resolution and How Does It Differ from Mediation?

Mediation Applied to Workplace Abuse (Cristina Caparesi)

Mediating to settle conflicts in cultic groups: Some useful methodologies (Raffaella Di Marzio)

ABSTRACT (Raffaella Di Marzio)

This paper reports the author's experience giving volunteer assistance and information in a listening centre, and then through a Centre for online Consultancy and Information in Italy. 

The paper covers nearly 15 years of experience and is addressed to people involved in cults, to relatives concerned about a loved one affiliated with a cult or new spiritual movement and to people helping cults’ victims.
The paper gives an overall evaluation of the author's experience in attempting of mediating among conflicting groups and/or people. 

Mediation process will be described in three different contests:

- Between parents concerned and children affiliated
- Between families and NRMs whom children joined
- Between NRMs’ satisfied members and NRMs’ hostile ex-members

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